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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

Beach Photo(s)..

Well, first I would like say that I loves my Family =) and Friends
I love Samantha Ong Lee Kuan too=) *xoxo*The Next Cachet Episode;(Samantha Ong.L.K)
Thanks to Afro(Samantha Ong's friend):the sun will rise after every night.So cheer up. =)
Thanks for positive commenters.
The SIK'S appreciate lots=)

Stop for being so N.o.o.B,Samantha Sik Wan Zhen.*grins*

Aight,if you don't mind to see my not so-called hot body,by means,I am not as hot as those wearing bikinis..Enjoy the following item(s)-non- explicit contents:*grins*
*Between the photos are quite blur as I have combined both photos into a picture*

goOdNess,I was being flooded by the mud(sea was being polluted)*grins*

take two..with Bro=)

My other siblings..Leon and Elspeth*from left

My footprints*grins*

Bro and I *enjoying ourselves*

I love the sunlight*tho I got sunborn from it*

My siblings and I =]

Dad's "Mistress"*grins*looked so mature=.=

*Ps:My other photos while I was enjoying myself by the beach are still under "construction" cos recently the internet line was so N.oO.b..By the way,will upload once I have those other photos*Patience*

O ya,almost forgotten about the food that I have cooked recently.


I cooked this porridge for my new room mate,Joyce.She said not bad,not tasteless at all=)

Han-gul noodles=*

The reason I posted up the photos which could be found in her album cos..
look below for the reason=)
By the way,she's JOLIN TSAI.if you guys still blur of her name..

Manson got himself into semi-final,while I was being kicked out*sobs*.
Aja,Manson!spotted him?
*credits to links

Yea..KDU Idol.SEMI Final..and it's will be happening on the 10 of JULY 2008,whoever win the semi-final can get themselves FREE entrance ticket for the PROM Night(SILVER MEMOIRS) and will be competing again for FINAL which is happened to be on August ..dress to impress while you guys are attending for the Prom Night.=p
*never ever have a chance to be in any prom:sobs*


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