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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, May 30, 2008

The most wonderful day in May,30[Friday]

To me Friday is my lucky day or most wonderful..cos
1)I was born on the day called Friday
2)Friday always means alot to me
3)Friday used to be my favourite word
4)Lots of happiness moment through out my childhood days&teen days happenned ON FRIDAY=)

The same thing happened on 30 of May,2008: F-R-I-D-A-Y.It's a small gathering with my ex-classmates@buddies@"crazy" friends[they are not crazy but we used to do crazy stuff during our secondary;] Actually it was also a farewell gathering[my idea as I don't know when I will be having the time to gather around with my besties} cos DENNIS LIM[the bread-man,cos we used to eat bread during recess time in the class] will be going to RUSSIA in SEPTEMBER*sobs* That means we maybe meet up one day where we have already got our jobs,our own family,our own...etc.. cos he's going to pursue for his doctor course.so, I should or have to call him DR.LIM now:D ? well,during the gathering, i have already addressed him as a doctor=)

O ya ,our gathering have changed suddenly from BALI CAFE to PIZZA HUT[cos when we reached bali cafe,kind of weird feeling with it..felt uncomfortable with the atmosphere.so we just switched to PIZZA HUT.Beetween,kept phoning my GOD@JOE..He didn't switch on his phone*arghh* cos dennis was the only guy in the gathering and I feel like meeting this man who just lost his body weight a lot><*unbelievable,but I still believe in you,JOE* Then PeiWen drove me,MiaoYan and Dennis to the PIZZA HUT*and Peiwen ,the chubby dont know the direction towards Pizza Hut[gosh],So i just have to lecture her to the destination..*whew=.=''* Reached there at about 8sthp.m,phoned JOE again,was thinking if he is still switched off his phone,I will..I WILL..do nothing but argghhh..well,yea..still switching off..><..never mind then,ordered stuff first..but then,we sat at a quite cool dining table..I mean cold..cos the air-conditioned was just above us><.Then,after ordering stuff switched to other table=) more comfortable..whilst waiting,non-stop chatting..seemed like we have been separated for a decade,tho we haven't meet up for almost 5 months..*wow,pretty long..* stuffs arrived at last after 10 minutes,before that was drinks.then,chew hooi, peiwen&jialin went to get us the vege..gosh,they retured with a full plate of salad><><,with their mouth agape.who cares?it's our crazy moment.muahhaha
*the photos..*

the future doc*grins*
EDITED by ELSPETH Sik.credits to her+.=


me.SeeKhim.*my eyes are so 'tiny':lack of sleeping*
again edited by ELSPETH Sik.

(TADA...)here comes the chubby.PeiWen lenglui..


me.Jialin*omg,nagged at dennis,he photoed us so *

Finally a better one~Jialin.me[I was like so lazy to smile]

edited by ELSpeth=.=[Peiwen.me.Jialin]

ChewHooi@the wolf was trying to take snapshot on ShuWen.but failed=.=

Then,ChewHooi was like snapping Shuwen again while dennis was trying to capture us=.=''


this is ShuWen@Swen

*us*dennis wass weird.samantha was sleepy=.=.vanky was playful.swen was normal:]

here comeS my GOD@MIAO YAN =D

ME.my GOD.>< TADA..AGAIN her effort.Elspeth.

Then,all of us went to the toilet,to wash our hands and answered the call of NATURE.again we got ourself into ..
this>< the one being edited by ..again Elspeth><
After the toilet session,we went to pay the bill and again they suggested me to do all sorts of posses which really laughed their ass off.me either.the passer-by was like@_@.
Suddenly message tone was being played.Apparently it is from Swin Joe@JOE@My dota GOD@The n.o.O.b that fight the n.o.o.b=] messaged me.


Then I called him to find out why he didn't meet us up..*caller ring tone*duh,he didn't pick up.okay,phoned again the second time*caller ring tone* again he didn't pick up.I was like so embrassed in front of my buddies cos I didn't manage to call Joe out.By the time I was trying to phone him again,he phoned me..
I asked him '"where are you now?"
He said,"home,eating with my family."
I asked,"lol,why didnt come and meet us since you saw us."
He replied,''my sis was driving,how could I stop her in the middle of the road?"
I asked again,'' but can you out now?everyone wants to see your effort on dieting.They just don't believe what I have told them!"
He replied,"give me 3 minutes and I'll reach there.
I repiled," okay..we'll be waiting."
Tick TOck..time flies..away and it's more than 10 minutes..Joe was still coming..can't stand already.phoned him again.?>>
"Big boss,are you coming?where are you now?still at home?" "Small boss[I was laughing,others too] I am coming now,at the traffic light already." "LOL,still at the traffic light=.= how come?" "lol,I'M COMING NOW LA..another 5 minutes.." "aight,better be quick!"

At last,he arrived the scene,at about 10.35p.m.Then jialin,shuwen,chewhooi were like he has arrived then we shall go..I was so refused to let them go as{what's the point to wait him for half an hour?} ..Three of them then stayed up and asked the approaching joe,"big boss,what takes you such a LONGGGGGGGGG while to arrive?big business uh?" Joe was just smiling(so contagious)

Omg!HE wass so much taller than before so much thinner and handsome^^..good job!!worthy for spending time on dieting..He said,of course,^^and I am still growing up now(height) and still working on my weight[my GOD ,so perfect and yet still want to reduce weight,befcareful,if not you will look like WeiChun someday if you still crazy on dieting]. I just felt that he was like 186sth cm,so much tall><><>< sweating=".=">.How I wish him to "donate" his height,then I can use it gain my height.wakaka.

At least got a better one*(he was asking me, should he lowered down his height to suit me?I refused to so.,.we looked kind of WEIRD.cos I was standing a little in front of him)

Then,we were discussing who to fetch those without transportation(including me) then,I just simply asked,
"aye,joe,fetch me back,k?"
"okay,why not?" @_@"uh,your house is just a stone throw away,mine is kind of far away from yours."
"lol,I am free now.lets go..who else need me to fetch them back......"

Finally,Joe fetched me and MiaoYan(she has asked her father to get her back from my house) back to my house..I sat in front and the MiaoYan sat behind and the itchy jialin,shuwen,SeeKhim were like to lazy to walk to their parking sites tho it was just a few steps away,squeezed into behind..Then Joe said,"aight,I have fecthed the first group back to their "homes" already.Then,we bid goodbye.. Along the way to my home,we chatted..some stuffs *secrets* Three of us were like..so into the topic*actually is about mine,I have started it first actually*

here's some photos related to JOE.

the thingy tat tooks him half an hour to reach the scene which is actually just 5 minutes to reach

the person that fetched me&miaoYan back.

On reaching home,this was the convo between Joe and I which I found quite funny.

JOe,'' You parents are away to Japan?Why didn't you follow them?
SAMantha,'' cos I have to look after the house,parents feel more safety if I looked after it.=.+?
JOe,''Can I ask a question?''
JOe," Is there any male/guy in your house?"
SAMantha,"Nope just us-female.O ya, I have 3 dogs to accompany me.''
JOe,"Can I ask are they male or female?"
SAMantha," O ya,I do have two males and a female.."
JOe,"O then it's okay.I thought still the dogs are all female.If that so..not that secure lol.BUt there are two males should be fine then.At least the males can protect four of you-the females"

Reached home..and again photos..

the weirdos>< the random

o ya..hungry on reaching home ..ate rice with >>

chicken+pork's stomach(my favourite)

by elspeth+.=

her idea again>< random



2 comments on "The most wonderful day in May,30[Friday]"

SWen said...

Lol~I looked so weird...Samantha you looked so sexy~Wahaha~Don be so sexy liao la.So many pp wan to dash you now!Haha~Yesterday really enjoy ourselves,hope we will have another gathering soon...Love you o~Muackss~~~

samantha sik on May 31, 2008 at 12:18 PM said...

lol...not sexy,but WEIRD too..who to dash me..stop pulling my legs.yea..the most wonderful day for May..glad to gather around..*XOXO*muakss too~~



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