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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

finished "SWITCHED"-20 episodes.robbery again.calls from Japan.BEWITCHED IN TOKYO

Today,accompanied granny to a far relatives wedding*arggh,bored,warm weather&sweating profusely there* Then,afternoon,fetched sis to tuition and went to Watson to buy mask for ma'in(mad'm)@sis,drove home safely+) Continued watching SWITCHED..last episode already=)lol,so touching+romantic+happiness[perfect ending]but abit sampat when the Jingjing switched the bridegrooms while photo session,then they shouted,JINGJING and then rushed towards her.totally 38>< >

finished watching SWICtHED,sis took out BEWITCHED IN TOKYO[BIT]:(tho it's a 2004's drama,wHo cares that I am quite out-to-date:P)..Japanese and yet it's a nice,comedy & magical drama XD trust me,watch it when you're sad or depressed, it will definitely cheer you up*I just did as I felt a little of sadness cos I am feared for the robbers*haiz*,but BIT cured everything+) the aunty of the witch ARISA,her magical power wasn't that good..One of the scene when she did change the minister(who has fallen in love to Arisa's darling,Jyoji)into a stone,but actually she was trying to change the love of the minister towards darling into stone,but then wrongly usage of the spell,and yet the minister turned into STONE like the BUDDHA 's statue xD omg,I almost laughed my a** off!
*Arisa uses to address his hubby as DARLING.She even said DARLING to Jyoji before they got married.Before Jyoji goes to work,she will plant a goodbye kiss on his cheek@_@[lovely+romantic}*

Between,received a message from one of my roommate..She told me that on Friday,the day pop fetched me back to a/s,A Japanese student got robbed@.@..AGAIN?ROBBERY?along the street towards KDU college,penang?Omg,this is the @#$$%%times I have heard about it.She has lost everything she brought from Japan,cash,hand phone,passport,etc,She was badly injured as she fell on the tarred road,bruises all over*sobs*..Kind of pity her.I was thinking that I used to walk back to my hostel ,sometimes with notebook,so I used to carry lots of stuffs back.What If I meet with the @#$%^ someday,what the hell am I going to do?*sobs*I maybe unable to see my loved ones[pop,mum,pies..]haiz, how come they are born to be so heartless,what if someday their next generations get into such situation?I am sure the BUDDHA[S] have eyes to let them pay back ONE DAY, what they have done before,THEY have to be responsible.

o,YA..forgot to mention about the call..Pop suddenly phoned me(he used to phoned me at about 8p.m-9p.m)..I knew he was checking at me..find out whether I am staying at home..He even made assumption that "Why I can't phone through your phone?chatting with friends?I replied even though I am on the line,but I still can receive other incoming calls=.= Then how clever for him twisted into other questions,eg. have your dinner already?I have bought you this ..that..

Alright,ppl,got to go..tomorrow have to wake up early to go to market to take fishes back..So must have semangat to drive..


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