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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Smiles on my face❤

     Beauty QQ told me its good to relax oneself with fun activities and stay happy everyday, as well as ignore everything which might make you stress out from nowhere and ignore them completely.  tips to be young 

*it's very very important to pamper yourself but not too much.

And I am grateful to make it through out the day. *smiles*
 **heels can kill me easily ie like being shot by a bullet** [exaggerating] :
Im trying to link it to my all time favourite Korean song,sorry its kind of weird 
* yes ,on Friday night, I went to 7aste NY in 32 mansion,Penang, and I had FUN
[" revealing" it here as I've promised in my earlier post]*
I shall talk about 7 -aste NY more soon, stay tune.

Register in 7aste.com to get yourself free entry in any 7aste events.
Pictures taken from http://www.7aste.com

The other day, classmates and I went to check out the redbox at 1st Avenue since the redbox in Gurney only offered us for 3 hours
[we took the student price package.]
*FYI, 1 st Avenue is a newly opened mall . Parkson opened the grand ceremony at 25th November when I was away with my family to Kay-L.
 [I heard there's another "opening ceremony" ?]
And it's the biggest branch in Penang Island.

I rated 1st Avenue's red box : 5/10

Well, to all of us we still prefer Gurney's outlet,
-as most of us felt that the sounds system and mikes are not as good as in Gurney's outlet.
-the "sensitivity" of the remote control is also another "issue" to us.
*we are very particular on the above mentioned statements cos we enjoy singing very much.
just trying to speak out as a consumer. 

But overall its good, and fyi, it owns a party room which can fit in more than 50 paxes prolly. You guys can check it out as there're some amazing offers since its newly -opened!

Epic thing that we have had in 1st Avenue-*almost Five hours parking caused us about RM7.
it's quite pricey to us since we are just students who have tight budgets in hand.

*but TGV Cinema is opening soon in 1st Avenue and more outlets are opening soon
[ Persuasive enough to stop by 1st Avenue again]
**Dilemma mood**

 There was a long queue along the special lane in front of redbox.
[special deals made by redbox through one of the Chinese paper.]

The interior design is kind of cute compared to the one in Gurney branch.

Before heading to redbox, most of us had lunch in this restaurant.
well, I rated it as 1/5.
kind of frustrated on the service.
it needs advance improvement to compete with other restaurants.
you guys can stop by or share the experience with me by leaving comments if you happen to dine in it.
I am just trying to express as a consumer's point of view

After redbox-ing, we went chilling around ,trying to explore this new mall. 
*between,FYI, if you happen to shop for beauty products like ESTEE LAUDER,KANEBO ,etc in Perangin mall, they have all moved to 1st Avenue 1st floor.

Have you done exploring 1st Avenue?
Do you think it's the "twin" to Pavilion KL?
I personally do not feel so.
But one of my friends has already assumed it as the "twin" for Pavilion KL.
what do you think?

Came across this fancy glasses.
I should get it for Christmas gathering, perhaps?

Later on in the evening ,we went to have dinner in a spacious food court somewhere near Jelutong. All sorts delicacies could be found there. Chit-chat while chewing off our food happily for more than 1&1/2 hours.

Then we bid each other goodbye as it's time to go home.

and I soaked my feet into this pool of warm water as soon as I reached home.
sabai-sabai [means feels good in Thai]

*fyi,only my feet were naked*

stay tune,people.

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