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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Sunday, March 07, 2010


My life been manipulated by others for the past days. I don't feel good about it. SCREW THEM! I need to defend myself for the sake of my life .Thus it's a ,must for me to own the upperhand.

*I haven't write for the past month in this blog ,but I keep updating my other blog. This might be a long post.
*Before that, let me tell off my dreams. this morning,I dreamed that I was pregnant 3months after I have married to an  unknown guy that mum knows very well. I felt so pain that I told mum I ddin't wanna make any move cos the baby was making me in great pain. Then I woke up,seriously shyt,my tummy was aching in real .It was 7.30a.m.

Well shitloads happened throughout the days. First was my birthday celebration then the Chinese New Year, family reunion and secondary mates reunion,then the 2 days 1 night in Southern part of Thailand, then the registration for new semester,then the FML:lost money*,night classes,Saturday class, lastly the hangouts with the usual peps. I have lots of fun at the same time despite the "terrifying" warm weather! It almost tore me apart.

A friend since primary and came back from Dunedin,Nz for  few months vacations but I didn't get to meet her. Hoping we will be able to make up an appointment for her coming back later.

My birthday celebration was celebrated at Redbox. Speaking about Redbox, I have free vouchers worth RM500 from it as my birthday gift. Right now, I still have a few vouchers in my hands. The TERMS &CONDITIONS didn't stop us from using it,I was told that it was so troublesome as in we need to follow the requirements! So far,no PROBLEM to me.

I was singing,
on the other hand trying to tear off the plastic to get the rubber out.

# I want nobody ,.nobody but you.#


*Creole lady Marmalade  
Voulez vous coucher avec moi ce soir
Voulez vous coucher avec moi*

Basically,I this photo shitloads!
from left: Me,Jolene, Boon,Bee
credits to Sam.

Birthday : Chinese calendar-> 21 year old
Chinese calendar is always have a big different than the normal calendar which is used by the whole world.
Mum doesn't celebrate my date of birth according to the normal calendar : 2th February,she will only celebrate my date of birth according to the Chinese calendar and t;s always falls on CNY season.
We have a delightful dinner at a restaurant and as usual blowing candles ceremony at night.But this year, I don't have red eggs

My cake and I it much.

My cake with candles lighted up.

I this pic of us ,much much.
We have almost the same smiles.

Mum & I ,take 2
I am getting more and more chubby *screams*

 After I have blown off the candles, 
 ♥Leoncame to give me a peck on my right cheek

cutting off the cake!!

 Myself with the cake,
Happy sweet Birthday to me.
*I have so many things to be thankful for*
*Special thanks and credits to WOMBAT for capturing 
the right moments& beautiful pictures on my bday*

 16th February 2010
It's my previous  secondary class : 5A6 's official first gathering.

Moments that matter.
Coincidentally, Wei Chun, Spring and I were wearing grey
*When I said, Wei Chun is the most handsome of all,
they commented that I was bias and I like Wc.hmm
But still,I think he's cute!!

Henry(1 year older but 2 times my size) looked so "bitchy".
He didn't even smile at all
Well, I picked randomly from 100 photos. Anyone (if you are interested) can check on this photo album: http://www.facebook.com/album.php?aid=150646&id=683393679&page=8

17th & 18th February went on a family trip to the Southern part of Thailand. 
They were Pattani-Yala,Hatyai,Songkhla. 
*Ps: I saw Xi@ng's blog post the other day on his Songkhla family trip and I bugged dad to bring us there again*
Basically, we went there to pray as usual . We even went to Yala ,the provinces which has bomber around and soldiers guarding the area. The monks there are fetched by the soldiers cos there were few cases where the monks were chopped off when they went out to receive food and waters from the Buddhist followers.
On the way to Pattani

We went to Wat Chiang Hai,Pattani which has the history of 500+ years .The purpose of building the temple is to pray Luang Por Thua(1000+ years) Dad told me there was once the bomber left a few bombs at the fences along the temple, but they have failed to destroyed it . It was still standing still there,well. How holy is it!

The exit & entrance of the temple

The statue.
Dad told me after he died, till now ,noone is able to find his body.
 This gold coated elephant statue looks like its very light.
But actually, it is indeed very heavy.
You are inquired to lift up with 2 fingers.
Before you can carry it up with two front fingers,
you have to

say this for thrice and then bow to Luang PO Thua.
Then only you can lift it up (3 times)till you reach the horizontal line of your chest.
*I tried to lift it up without praying,I felt very heavy and it;s like tearing my heart apart,seriously*
On the other hand,I tried the way that the rules are written there, I felt very easy and no boundary at all

Yes, I distracted wombat to not looking at the camera

Again,I wasn't looking at the camera.
Credits to KOR.

The distraction

Later on we went to Yala,Lim Goh Neo(not sure if I spelled it correctly)'s temple.

Another very holy place where people believe that she 
,lim goh neo will protect the sea,fishermen
That's why Dad disallowed me take any pictures inside the temple.

 Evening, back to Hatyai ,before check in to our hotel, we went to the hill top,FOUR-FACES Buddha temple. I bought a cage of birds to free them ,as my bday was at the same week,for good deed.

This cage costed100 Baht,only 2 birds.
It used to be 3 birds,100Baht

Relieved after relesing it.
How beautiful is the sunlight.
Thta's what you can only see on the hill top.[no blocking]

I guess I shall continue the food and stuffs I have seen on my next post. 
Before signing off, do allow me to blow you off.,.
 Do I? Blow you off?
Still NO?
SHYT,kiss my ASS then!!


♥ Expect the unexpected ♥