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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, January 22, 2010

Flavour of my life

22.01.10 (Friday)

Wombat,yes,I got strike.
because of you ,I am so o-o-oobessed of playing this

**Get well real soon,hugss**
baby are you up up up up up up ..

1 week+ ,January is going to end ,which means February is coming ahead .

The other day,Henry Kor ,Nee & I had a wonderful time in Redbox till _ in the morning.
It was our first time singing till _ morning and we enjoyed ourselves much that day

The awesome part was when
Kor played the song "Crazy Frog" 3 of us kept singing " ding ding"
Kor&Nee sang lots of sentimental 90's songs.
I am more into the modern ones,eg, Lady Gaga-Bad Romance.
They have made me loving those songs much by the the way.
Singing does help me to release all the negatives thoughts & stress.

 Kor and I

*I love the blur-ness*
Kor's hands were shaking.LOL

A better one.
credits to Kor.

*Nee& I coincidentally share the same thought that Kor look handsome in his outfit on that day.He should wear them more,suits his 1.82m
We have buffet that night. Our second time having buffet in Redbox .Food was hmm hmm
Shit happens at times ,luckily shit doesn't stay long on me

When you wake up in the morning,you have 2 choices,which are :
1)Go back to sleep,and dream your dreams,
2)Wake up, and chase those dreams!
Kor's golden words of the day.
Inspires me,I choose to wake up!
Cos dreams kill my brain cells and make me even more exhausted.
To be or not to be ,that's the main issue.

Munch Munch:

Been eating alot lately. But they don't really "entertain" my tastebuds.
1 food which I am so addicted to: pan mee. It "entertains" me alot

While waiting for the foods, that's what all of us will do:

I like this.cos they looked so "stim"


I know.I looked chubby&tired

Food. Do they look mouth-watering?
It's really hard for me to be satisfied.esp on food
Ratings : 4/10

Another restaurant, which is a stones throw away from the Pulau Tikus market.
Young Heart ,that's the name.

well the taste of the tang yuan@ glutinous rice had confused me.
The green  which is suppose to be tasted like honey dew,tasted like __ _
[it had slipped my mind]
The colours didn't match at all for what it supposed to be.
Ratings: 3/10

However the interior design is kind of wonderful to me,cosy and sweet.

1 Part of the restaurant.
very Japanese,home looking.
Good place for chit chat-ing


Despite the blur-ness, I can see myself standing right there,very obvious.

wub.gifA glimpse.wub.gif
I wanna go home


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