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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Friday, July 10, 2009

1thing2do3words4you <3

By any chance, is your dad a thief?
how did he steal the stars from the sky
and implant them in your eyes?

Wednesday morning[2-4a.m]
been watching the memorial thingy for MJ@M@Michael Joseph Jackson. Surprisingly,I was allowed to do so tho the next day will be going to Thailand. wtf I cried , hearing those songs they sang for it.

His only album I have had-InVisiBLE.

Forever MJ@M@Michael Joseph Jackson.
Tho you are far away, I am here to stay

Never say goodbye cos you will always be with us,
especially your songs.
Greatest entertainer ever live

12/07 is just a blink of an eyes,
counting down 2days.

Wednesday night,Location between hatyai and Songkla,in LongPo Pan's temple.

Before the walk around tom bod (which the shaving process for pre-monks is taken place)

Joysticks and candles were lighted up .AFter the walk ,these were placed around the tom bod

can't get back home in time,hence overnight.
~Before the supper~

up next is 14/7
4 more days to go

Weeks ago ,which was last month, trip in an Island.
I traveled myself to the island to meet up my friends. Let the pictures do the talking.

Kam pai~cheers~

"Look at my tentacles" "Touch me if you dare" "Harlo"

Nowadays,we rather call it as Nemo,no more clown fish.
Loves it's colour much

This thingy is really good in spinning. :))
guess what's it.

Duckling under the "sun" & Master WuGuay

me apparently.

"I'm enormous!!"

"Just one night you and me ,let us keep swimming."

Before we headed to the beach,while waiting for others:~

Sam's shades + Lam's hat

with my own shades.

What a beautiful sunny day.

:) This is what we will do in the beach :)

Us by the beach,waiting for sunset.

Thanks to Lam for capturing this for me.

mild,windy,freezing :))

Island Hopping:~

The pregnant

It's been a while.

This explains why the obsession on letter M

Til then
You know you love me

28/7-Minwoo's bday
29/7 Joe &Phoebe's bday.

been ill for the last 2weeks.
I'm hungry now



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