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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, April 27, 2009


mum mum mum mah
mum mum mum mah

The paramedic is trying to use poker face to revive the blog and it works. tadaaa...
hey peps, miss me;I bet you guys sure did!!! muahaha.. anyway, I am so in love with poker face especially when the guy sang mum mum mum mah and lady gaga sang ppppp-poker face. awesome

Everything's fine;safe and sound.Nothing much happened for the past month,just that sometimes flooded with emotions . Other then that,everything's fine. and great news is I am having my actual weight back 43kg :D :) :] but that thing ain't getting bigger.

Last end of month, sales in OneStop's Popular. Gawd, I meant sales ,it really was a sale ranging from 10 % - 70% [wow] I met Jeena who worked as a part-time cashier there,chit chat awhile tho[nice bumping into someone you know] when I was about to pay for M's album which I counted it as my luck. I wasn't really on the mood to search for it after serching high and low for 45 mins, about to gave up .'

I found thissss... *miracle*
M-touchable: I bought just for him since he was so wanting to collect all of the SHINHWA's members' album.
I like M,especially his girlfriend and [SHINHWA]midnight girl & EushaEusha
They really make my day.
Guessed how much?! I didn;t pay that much. =D


This is my foot. *enormous for a pin-sized girl * I like this pair of black Nike.
swirl to the MAX.

I haven't read this,

:D but I guess the I is better

This green noodles:ChaSoBa really made my days. It made the person who ate it felt like in euphoria after going down to hell.
It was the day when I have realized that acting like strangers is no fun and not worth to be cried over and remembered.My tears aren;t not mean to drop for that fugly matter!
thanks to Jolene for the recommendation
thanks to Eve for capturing me.

I know this looked retarded.I mean me. It was BeeLing@hubby's birthday. sweet birthday again. hugs

went to a meaningful seminar. The last speaker,Rizal[not mr Rizal cos he said his mum named him by Rizal but not Mr Rizal] was so awesome where he taught us to stop bangau-ing[blaming]

jolene.beeLing.Soon.Boon.Me.Bryan.[clockwise]. TGI -Friday


Credits to Eve.

sweettt...,awww... =s :*
When to be replaced with other alphabets?!

Darling,annyeong,pugoshipoyo :)
pupuchok? =* [who'll be my first kisser?]
Dennis,I haven't hear you for long.How's life. when's the actual time to be back again? *confirmation*

The best thing of tonight is
we are not quarreling.

Someone,been m.....,
haven't meet up till t........?
Will it be?



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