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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, December 22, 2008

My mumbles..words

Seriously butterflies in my stomach from last night onwards.After Joe,my god [: {Thanks for making me laughed out loud} calling me..
#Sorry about yesterday,so noob..I couldn't control my laughter..
You were DAMN DAMN DAMN FUNNY..Have a good laugh yesterday,seriously[;
How come so noob come to pG when I'm not in pg..*roar*
yea I am like gina,usually make others worry about me[I never want to be so] and also Darling to worry about me..*sobs*#
Joe:Really can't laugh without your talking style xD
Darling: Really can't smile without you XD
*I will wake up very soon[wait for me]..even you say that all I need is TIME.
*Thanks for worrying about your gina :]
I know I am too much,kept worrying about unnecessary stuffs..
Tomorrow will be my first international flight,or should I say this is my first to travel alone=.=
But,dad will fetch me at Suvarnabhumi Airport
lonesome:I will be alone.Dad&Mum are not by my side tomorrow,taking my stuffs,checking in my baggage..,etc
I have to do it ALL by myself,my own *sigh* sweating now..
I know it only takes roughly an hour to reach Bangkok.
So overprotected?! Am I?! *puzzled*
But still,butterflies in my stomach now..
*Nan Keat[Nancy],thanks for laughing at me when I told you this noob thing.
Get prepare:have possiblities to visit you (: [maybe not tho =.=] But at least a call for you.
Yesterday,told dad that Fafa will fetch me to the airport
He sounded like his daughter sort of funny or #$%&*
"Why do you need your friend to accompany you,troublesome.No one will take you away or what.18 already&going 19 sooner..still like a little girl..
Is it your first flight?"=.=

*still you were caring about my transportation matter [= *teehee*

Thanks for the tang yuan,Ms Khoo.[1year older=.=]

Thanks for listening to my noob opinions about the position of your photo
Thanks for the position of your photo [:
handsome<3 (:
made my day(;

White Christmas,DENLIMNIS [:



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