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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Days

Little boy that plays with the fire will get the fingers burn!

Yesterday, I went off to do some cycling as well as jogging to keep my body in shape alone as Dad brought mum to PG's Nan Hua Hosp. to take her medical report [whew she is safe from any diseases =)], unfortunately I met with a stray, freak DOG.=.= I was at first cycling behind it.I guessed it thought that I wanted to chase it or beat it or hurt it, it ran helter-skelter.

I ,just ignored the noob.=.="
However when I was about to make a sharp turning at the vicinity,it suddenly jumped out from nowhere and barked ferociously and ran after me[WHAT THE HELL on EARTH that I deserved such treat] I got the shocked out of my life!!! and I screamed out hysterically.luckily, frightened it off.*relieved*
[Between was being laughed by noob Malay male teens that loitered behind the area=.="]

Today was being lied by Dad;He told me that he would brought me to Hatyai or sth co it's seemed like ages that i have not stepped into this nearby foreign land.Woke up at 6 a.m sharp[my LIVE alarm clock@Mum voice*grins] and we departured at 7.30a.m sharp.
Had our breakfast with
wantan noodles->petrol station to fill up petrol->till then dad asked us:

"Where is my wallet?" Anyone seen it?

while he was about to slide his Bonus link card. Apparently, it was left at HOME =.=" This is his old habit;die hard however[This is the other side of my dad +)]

Thus drove back to get it.Then I was rather werid that dad had used a different road to the destination that he usually do.But I just didn't give mch damn about it ..Till I saw the board with the word BETONG[เบตง] then only I asked dad. Only from that bloddy moment,I just knew that we were heading to Betong but not the familiar place-Hatyai =.="

Didn't blame much [I did a little=.=] since I have never been to this Betong, why not a visit to it? Between, I have found some benefits to visit Betong +)

1. The air/environment is much invigorating,cool,clean

2. free from the sight of hot chicks
[I meant the pros.,there is pros. nut not that much compares to Hatyai]

3. Free from traffic jam:) [cos I hate TRAFFIC JAM very very much,annoyinggg]

4. No SHOPPING COMPLEX/ MALL [Is that benefit?swt]

Between the food compare to Hatyai's food ,it sucks.*still eatable* Anyway,here's some descriptions for BETONG,Thailand:

Betong is a district of Yala Province, situated in the southernmost province of Thailand in Sankalakhiri mountain range. With an are of 1,328 sq. km, it borders the Malaysian states of Kedah and Perak. Its terrain is mostly mountainous and hilly with forested plateaus. About 1,900 feet above sea level, it is 140km from Yala and 1,224km from the capital city of Bangkok.

Betong, meaning bamboo, is named in the Malay language. It is administratively divided into 4 tambons, i.e. Yarom, Aiyerweng, Tanah Merah, Tan Namtip, and one municipality - the Tambon Betong Municipality.

With a population of around 48,487 which can be classified into two major groups Muslims and Chinese, the majority of its people are agriculturists. Climatically speaking, Betong is under the influence of the Southwest and Northwest monsoons. Therefore, there is a lot of rain and the weather is nice and cool with fog in the morning. This is perhaps how it got is name - 'A Town in the Mist with Beautiful Flowers'
The world's largest mailbox is located at the Clock Tower Intersection in the town center. It was built in 1924 by Mr. Sa-Nguan Jirajinda, the former head of Betong Post and Telegraph Office and the Lord Mayor of Betong. The purpose of this mail-box is to distribute news and to give services in posting and distributing mails for the people of Betong. It is made of reinforced concrete, with a cylindrical shape divided into 2 parts - the base and the box. The circumference of the base is 265cm and that of the box is 240cm. At a total height of 320cm, it is at present used as an ordinary mailbox.

sources from :Thialand - Betong.html

This is the proof that I manged to capture.*world largest mailbox*

Notice the design?Dad told me; the designer purposely added some Burma-type design for the post office. Between,at first I thought of it is the government building till then realized it is a POST OFFICE *should know it when spotted the red cylindrical box* =.="

Next,4 of us headed off to The Flower Garden without PO and "hot spring" area[not hot spring at all,just that there is one part of crack from an unknown volcano had miraculously "planted" in Betong !

I am calling for the nature;but not anwering the call of nature =)

The flowers were wonderful so did the trees ;] Anyway, I love the big-growing roses;) especially

these =)

Anyway,the "hot spring" 's water sort of ,nope it's extremely warm.aww..when I was dipping my feet into it,I felt like*argh* so warm which was towards the boiling temperature as if my feet were being cooked alive.
Till then a Ipoh aunty told me off to stop moving,stayed my feet still and I felt not that "hot" anymore,yet felt so COMFORTABLE :)
Most of the people "fed" the water with their
*evil smirks*
for about 30 minutes.

Between I insisted sis to capture me while I was enjoying the warmth of the water,yet I asked her is it clear[the photo].
The BIG SIZE Ipoh guy who sat beside me replied,
of course NO,cos I am blocking you guys ."
Then he moved off with giggles.so did others around!
[aww,I didn't mean about you previously=.=]

After the man left *can't help laughing *

Our "steaming" feet>,<
Between the visitors even bought chicken and birds' eggs to be steamed


Lastly went to the tunnel where the Communist used to dig with only SPADES and live in it for a period of time. Bloody clever=)
The tunnel somehow can pass to Baling[part of Kedah] , however it has already been blocked. The tunnel is located in a beautiful,greenery jungle.OMG,the air was so DAMN fresh,as if in the heaven*exaggeration*Thus we have to walk pass the jungle before reaching the tunnel.
However, the jungle's path ain't filled with soft soggy soil,with sticky,damp decays.It's..[check out the photos below]

The path to the tunnel*the trees and plants*@.@

The things around the tunnel

The white horse statue:my Chinese Horoscope

Succulent centipede +) 15 cm long[spotted a longer one but forgotten to snap it =.=]

There is also a small stream with fresh ,clean flowing water as well as a TOK PEH KONG for the visitors to pray.

Conclusion for the trip,I saw more Malaysian rather then Thais .Most Malaysian tourists are from Ipoh,Perak and Penang.It's rather nearer for them to travel compare to Hatyai,the sourthern side of Thailand.

During Raya went off to visit Uncle Rozi's open house. Gosh,this Raya his wife has improved damn lot in her cookings. I couldn't resist the temptation and yea ate two plates of nasi berani with santan ayam and cleaned up every morsel in the plates :)
Between this hugry devil ate up all the corn-flakes type cookies
*She has finished all of them by her own=.="*

Cam-whoring throughout the journey*tsk*

Before the hungry devil had her meals >.<

random vains =.="

Tomorrow I'm going to get my ass; back to my study life ..sobs*
how I wish to be in home for long?
*Keep rolling,this is LIFE=)*=.="

*Thanks to Buddha as Dennis is currently safe and sound in Volgograd, Russia *whew*
Have fun with the autumn season =) anyway,drink more[infinity] water =0
as winter is fast approaching .=.="


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