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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Talk to me.The Guy:Kanata Hongo

you talk to me
you speak with me
don't sink before you rise baby
don't fade away
you hesitate
you seem to wait
for all the time we had
feels like a world away
who's to say
we'll be okay
we're gonna make it through the night
don't wanna wake up in this state
i just want us both to smile
cause we're the same
and i know that we'll never change
look i bought your favourite ice cream
i don't wanna see it melt away
if you walk out now
i don't know if we're gonna be the same
baby just talk with me
cause i want you to stay here with me


Just fetched Leon back from his tuition.Guessed what; it took an hour for me to reach home since it's Raya season and the street was as if packed like sardines,and the cars even stayed stationary for like 10 minutes for each zone with traffic lights. =.=

Some more ,there was one part of the stupid ,lousy drivers drove like tortises worsenned the traffic ,made it to be congestion!Shit.wasting my time driving so long on the streets!! They were as if driving on their
"AH Kong " 's roads!!=.="

Between,I am currenlty announced as FAT by my parents*sob*
cos I have gained another 2 kgs[currently 45kg].
Gosh,I have to jog for 1/2 an hour for morning and evening.
[swt,I don;t think I can,but if I were forced to do so,I will I guess]
Dad told me if you are fat when you are short,then you will look like those short cartoons ppl[short and plump=funny lookings] =.=

So,I told mum that I wanted to eat less than usual and stop eating unnnecessary stuffs to my body,then tomorrow I don;'t have to follow my parents to their friend's open house for a feast.However,it failed to work.*sob*
Guessed what she replied me- why don;t I cut down on the money that I usually give you,then you can most probably eat less than usual.[swt=.="]

I kept speechless of course=.=" and walked myself up to my room and blog off about this.

Conclusion:I have to eat less,move more and do more exercises+drink more water,stand more.
*how sad that I have to eat less,anyway,it's just for my own good =)
between eat more you will have to expel more,right?*
*tomorrow got to wake up early to go to Uncle Rozi's open house which is located in Jitra*=.="

Fighting for those having
[include Darling and sayang Vanky]

Between there's a Japanese 17 year-old guy to be introduced~

Name: Hongo Kanata (本郷奏多)
Birthday: 1990.11.15
Birthplace: Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture, Japan
Hobbies: Baseball, Tennis

*He has been voted as the cutest teen celebrity in Japan*
He's in my favorite lists of men =) *vain*


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