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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, September 06, 2008

Muackss to DAD :)


Sorry for the disgusting sound.*evil smirks* I am currently full up to my throat. *burp*
I know that's disgusting,what to do.Damn full, NOW..Can't even sit down comfortably =(
My stomach bloated up as if I am pregnant for 3 months*exaggeration* XD

The stuff that made my stomach FULL was of course FOOD.But today,I have a rather different meal compared to those other days.Today,I have sushi,Not from eg. SUSHI KING or whatever outlets that sell sushi(s).I made myself,SUSHI(S). And I felt like vomit now,cos I was non- stop eating while making those sushi(S)as I was damn famished.wtf.=.=

*how could I vomit,if that so all my hard work will be wasted,if I were to vomit,I would swallow back the sushi(s)*
[I am trying to make my readers to feel irksome.wakaka,evil Wan Zhen :)]
They made my stomach rumbled that I could not help to stop eating them,"swallow" them in to my tummy x)

Anyway,while I was thinking to cook the Japanese rice(which mum bought for me previously) for sushi,I did really sure whether it's the same way to cook normal rice.I smsed mum,but waited a few minutes,no reply,so I decided to cook it in the same way . Luckily,I got it right.When I have cooked the rice,only I realized that Mum had replied back and she called me several times,but I didn't pick up as I was in the kitchen busy preaparing the igredients to make my sushi(s)
*sorry ,MUM*

Between,credits to DAD :) kopkun ka,Po. NU LAK PO,MAKMAK :*
I phoned him to ask for the prononciation in Thai for the ASEAN.This is what he taught me:[I even recorded his HANDSOME voice :)]


It's for the today's Pengajian Malaysia's presentation on the title ASEAN.
muackss(infinity) to DAD :)
*Beloved Dad is 100% pro in speaking THAI(I am PROUD OF IT=]).He learned Thai Language during secondary.
Anyway,bapa borek anak rintih,but when can I speak as fluently as him in Thai?He speaks Thai likewise he's a Thai citizen.=.=
*Dad,shooted me before,only people with special mind can learn and speak well Thai cos Thai language ain't as easy as ABC to be learnt.*
Anyway,kop KUN KAp,PO :)

I know I am full by this minute and I will be hungry by the next minute
( monster Wan Zhen :P) Just hope it won;t happen.I don't wan to be daddy&mummy's FAT GIRL X(
I am currently gaining 2 kg *sob*I want to be as thin as the 17 year old Wan Zhen,but the raining season has stopped from doing exercise to maintain my weight.wtf!

By the way,making sushi ain't that difficult just that it takes time and energy in the process.Between,I has swollen thumbS currently cos I twisted very hard on the sushi mat ,so that the rice will be stick,very stick to each other .I have put wasabi in between the rice and the ingredients.Gosh,my tears kept rolling down and the back of my head as if something with high voltage struck it =.= Nice..

Talking about sushi,I remembered my first time sushi(s),totally disgusting by the appearance,cos I simply made it.Anyway,darling and Ee Shang were the first to try out my home-made sushi(s). They said arroy-Bashita-nice :) I still remember that day was Friday,while we were having Add Maths' tuition class.And it was almost like in the month :September.

SUSHI(s) that made my DAY +)

*FAN TOK =( Raining made me moody*
*"Someone..someone":Opps Dad's contact ringtone.Gtg ,chatting with Daddy :)*


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