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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, August 09, 2008


So damn hungry now and I have decided to post something I have eaten today..
[pointless statements]=.=

Firstly,muackss to CHERRIE . cos she had made some cakes..yummy I would like to say..

To Cherrie:do you mind sharing off the recipe to me?cos I was hoping mum will made for me some other day,and she would willing to bake what you have baked that made her daughter talked about during lunch time =)

Anway,Cherrie still owes me cakes cos she ate 2 pieces Of mine which she had previously gave it to me.. [evil smirks]

Secondly ,the food 's photos*hehe*


Thanks =)

It frozened my taste buds =)

I love this soup much..the sourness really "impressed" my taste buds :)

Leon's chicken thingy[sorry for the blur image :S]

French fries.[only Leon and I ate it,so left out alot because we were too full.waste=.=]

my stone bowl with rice

Dad's rice.Noticed the difference with mine.It's curry on top of the eggs.
Resaon:Dad and Brother Daniel found out a new way to eat the stone bowl rice by adding RM1 for the curry.
[not bad I would say]

My dinner[Thanks Mum]Bought if from Bread history

*Just being informed by Joe,he didn't manage to help me off..the surprises to Mum.sorry Mum,no surprises for your this year's B-day,But I will be a 200% obedient girl of yours
[cos I used to be 100% =)]
Between,bad news to Joe .Dad said you can't come over to my house anymore cos you have "spoilt" Leon for praising him a good kid.He's a naughty boy now=.="

I am out =)


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