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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, August 30, 2008

30th of August

I was so surprised that whenever I met up with my ex-classmates..it will always be around 30th ..First gathering was 30th of MAY,the second was 30th of July and 31 of July..And now..today,30th of August.. =) super-duper COINCIDENCE!and it was never failed with the presence of darling XD

Anyway..we didn't set the day as usual we did..cos I was afraid that they will unable to turn up..Everything went LAST MINUTE..even the decision too..

Around 2sth..drove off to fetch Darling ->filled up the car with petrol->Dennis's "habitat" =) ->Alor Star Mall-> KFC-> my house-> dining room => K people singing K

This was my first time fetching Dennis from his home..I was puzzling where is the road located when he told me off the road..Guessed what..he drew a map through msn and I printed the map out..(brilliant idea) By the way,I still lost on the way to his house..I have turned into the wrong road which is just next to the road where his house is located at..=.=

In the car..We talked lots of "nonsense" and serious stuff.."nonsense" on (shh..secret;]) ,serious stuff about how's the preparation to Russia,what to do before leaving and for the following 25 days till 24th of September,bla.bla.bla Dennis was like asking me,"Will you send me off to the airport?" Babe,I wish I can,it's impossible as I have class,further more no transport..*sobs* I am always wanting to send him off one day in the airport since I knew he will about to leave Malaysia to a far unfamiliar area.

6sth drove Dennis back as he's dad was going to shop stuffs to be brought to Russia with him,accompanied by Darling.Before he stepped out of my car,we were like so (inDESCRIBABLE feelings)\...Cos..we will most probably unable to meet up,hang out,chatting again within the period.Location is the factor. =.=

some mushy,gushy messages

To Dennis,
It's been a while since we met,since form2.Keat Hwa 1 has brought us together,made us become mates,if not life couldn't be that wonderful without our friendship =)..I did remember form 5 while recess I will stay up in the class eating my meals which was always bread cos I was not allowed to have any pocket money(mum's rules,I don't mind;]),so that I can't consume anything form the canteen which was always being considered as **** by mum. You either,always with bread.[But you seemed to have forgotten=.=] Never mind..As long as you remember me..My eating style..I gobble,I know since everyone around me told me off(recently,told by mum too) Should have changed,however,old habit DIES hard.muahaha
Anyway,all the best best best(infinity) in Russia.Eat more,man,but beware of your healthy too..Having a healthy body is always the greatest property.Remember and I am sure no matter who will never be more understand this statement rather than you do.
Ciao.Will never forget you :)

To Darling,
Remember to take the stuff I have asked you to for Dennis on Tuesday.
Thanks for not disappointing me =)
Credit to your Sis,for the praise ,never thought of receiving such praises=)

Following photos with Dennis and I but without darling cos she was not in the mood of taking snapshots=.=


Dennis.captured by darling

captured secretly by darling =.=

>.< *mouth full* Us

Finally,A better shot*credits to darling*

Got to go..pack up my stuffs.cos I will be back to pg tomorrow afternoon.
*Happy birthday to all merdeka Babies in advance,includes Theng Seng sis,Ai Lin and Chee Ching*


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