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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Semi-final:KDU IDOL

Before that,guys no beach photos for this post because I haven't receive the rest photos yet from Bro.. Aight,today in the foyer,saw workers setting up the stage..It's a huge,red and the very first stage being set up in the foyer..(Proud to be KDU-ian)=p it's for the Kdu SEMI-FINAL of course,which happens to be TOMORROW..a few hours towards tomorrow: 10 OF JULY 2008, KDU College, Penang's BIG-DAY..

Guess why I meant that it's a big day?

cos even Economic lecturer,Ms Lee B.Bui said that she will end up the class an hour earlier so that we can get ourselves to see Manson singing,as well as giving our supports=) The event will be held at 12p.m till 3p.m..In the meantime,someone who is always
as busy as a bee- the principal
will be appear at the foyer too,to enjoy the Kdu Idol as well as announcing the winners for lucky draw,and the most important is to announce the winners for FINAL. So aja!!for all the contestants who do get themselves in to the semi-final.

between,aja to Manson,saw your singing today (rehearsal) ,it was just too good to be*grins* too bad that you will most probably defeat the
Guitar NOob=) ,so less an "enemy".congrats.
noob was somehow left his brain at the KL National Museum,cos he doesn't even digest the waste before saying something,instead he spitted all the craps out from his NOOB mouth! swt=.=''

By the way, was helping by at the CEL(English Language center) for the balloons which will be used to decorate the huge red stage for SEMI-FINAL KDU IDOL.

Here's the photo which I managed to capture..

Kit by the surname Chai[alike my darling's surname;)]

A new 23 guy to me,great sense of humour,very humble tho he's damn good in dancing[eager to catch your performance]By the way,don't be scare when you see me,I am not going to eat you up,you are not my meal*grins*
and you are not old..your appearance just alike your age,indeed!
aja,for the dancing=)


Balloons ~ take 2~


My meal:fried rice?(vegies&chicken,RICE,margarine)*grins*


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