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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, July 31, 2008


I was DAMn damn.DAmn..busy ,tired but excited today..
JOE and Miao Yan just left my house..That's why I have time to blog now =)

Reason to be tired,busy and excited:
1) Medical checkup..on my body[nothing harming my body,phew]
2)Activate my saving account
3)went to school to meet Joe and friends..[he was surprised=.="cos I followed him quietly behind all the way round till we reached the parking site,then only he realized]
3)went to the post office[accompanied mum]
4)lastly, have a hair cut[so I looked damn weird from now on]

Anyway,glad that JOe and Miao Yan can make it..to my house.[Joe ,you owe me a song!hehe]
DARLING arrived before I reached home..and JOE was obviously the last one to appear=.="

When he went upstairs..and saw my pies at the balcony..he was like
why are they so C-U-T-E?
cos they are my pies=)

Can I play with them?they bite ?

no,they are very tame=)

why are they so active,non-stop jumping on me,a stranger to them?

cos they love new friends :)

so,Joe and my pies have a great moment whilst Darling and I went for dinner.

Then,3 of us,or should I say 4 of us (Leon was with us) went to my room and chatted non-stop.
Before that,Joe and Leon playing with my psp and Leon's psp,respectively on the same Games.
while Darling and I looking at the photos in my laptop and phone.
Then,I was like when will you guys stopped playing games?My room is not meant for GAMES!
Lastly,till the game over..then we started to take photos first then only chatted around.

ANYWAY,let the photos do the talkings.[I was too excited to blog with pictures rather than using words] +) ]

Leon and Joe

Us =)

Us again*captured by Leon ;) [thanks]

Captured by Leon

Captured By Elspeth

while playing games

Leon- Joe

Leon's mouth[he requeted to post it up.=.=]

From2 to 3 person in a photo=):Captured by Darling;)

At last Joe smiled,but I looked so NOOB=.=[nvrmnd,as long as he looked good^^]

My eyes.swt=.="

A better shot=)

The owner of this blog xD

Leon&Joe[Joe was being forced to smile by Leon=) ]

Coincidentally,moving while being captured =.=" =)

3 of us have the same shape of face:heart shape =)

Anyway,the above photos are Random stuffs..for some people,I knew it maybe bored to look at the pictures which are relatively same for each of them.,What to do?I just love them.Can't bare to remove them.

don't judge a book by it's cover which is perfectly described the statements which I have just realized
Anyway,to JOE,he's such a Bastard for treating you .This is totally out of sense for a friend who has known you for long.So much unscrupulous and inhumanity.He will get his return.Buddha will punish him~

*Darling and Joe: Enjoy your sixth form 's life
God,Joe: don't let me down,Be the best President ever for the sixth form society.Guide your members well.Congrats for being the President[I know you have spent lots of effort for it] and thanks for telling me .

By the way,Remember 10 of August,you have an IMPORTANT task to do for ME*tsk*

Darling,Miao yAN: Don't miss me[you dared, n-o-t to miss me?!=.=] ;P



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