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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Tuesday, June 10, 2008


Woke up and yea felt bad,SORE THROAT,fever,flu=.=, and headache .they came together at the same time..so yea felt really bad..and when Kae,my Thai house mate said"good morning",I was so not in the mood to greet back yet I stared at her stupidly,She was non-stop laughing=.=..and she told me to try to consume STREP SILLS cos it really worked when she had her sore throat.
So,I bought a pack of STREP SILLS at the college cafeteria ..I think it worked cos I have had 1 pill for every 2 hours and yea still left 3 pills in it..and I felt much better compare to when I was just awake.

*Between,today I brought 2 BAK CHANG one for Ufatt and The other for Theng..and yea..by the way,Theng lost the bet on the football match..so no treats as I wish..=.=

As usual,Manson gave me a ride and as this evening was raining and Ufatt fetched me back as he parked his car at the college car park.Manson drove his car and kept himself behind cos he said he has something to discuss with him.They discussed in my hostel while Ufatt was waiting for me to hand in the paper box.*What the heck were they discussing?Somehow, men's talk;)*

Between today while lunch hour was so puzzling whether where we should have our lunch..The reason was me cos I was sick..Manson and Ufatt were like exercising forbearance=.=..but then at last, lunch at cafeteria..Manson ate a plate of rice and 1 plate of fried noodle .Ufatt was eating noodles too.Weichun ate fried tomyam rice and a piece of curry chicken.I,the sick,ate only2 pieces of tuna bread=.= cos was no mood to eat..

Then Manson was asking whether we wanted to buy drinks.Weichun wanted water,Ufatt wanted nothing,but I finally wanted 100plus cos it's good to have when you're sick. Mum told so before=.= but I felt like Manson didn't hear about what I want.Then caught him up,he was still paying for the drinks,I told that he didn't buy 100plus so I went to take from the fridge.but apparently he have bought it already=.=...and he bought warm water for Weichun but when Weichun came along,he said he wanted a cold water but not warm=,= still he drank it abd biught himself a bottle of cold water.

Before we went up to Room512,we stopped by Cherrie's stall=.= They were selling fried ice-cream..3 flavours:vanilla,strawberry and chocolate.Manson bought 2 vanilla cos the chocolate was running out of stock.Met Meilin(slo-flo.blogspot.com)She was about to teach me how to add nuffnang in my blog.But they,went we got into our class,they just didn't let us to use the CABLE(WTH!!)Then she watched fated to love you before she went off.

And during legal periods,Mrs Zenubia told us our trip to the HIGH COURT was being confirmed!!and we are heading towards it TOMORROW..lol,hoping that I won't be having tummy ache like what I was having now,I didn't have something bad for my tummy,it's just that pain,perhaps the girls will understand better=.=(Samantha Ong:samolk.blogspot.com: too having tummy ache ,worst off she was having while doing her test*pity*.but she said she might have had something bad that making her to suffer from tummy ache,just be careful on anything you are going to consume)
Tomorrow,me,Ufatt and Manson will be fetched by Ms Zenubia.Others will be fetched by WEICHUN@.@

Aight,people got to go now..Continue my Legal's assignment as we need to hand in it to MRS ZENUBIA when we meet up in the court=] diot tummy,still aching.


the noodles with all sort of veges,ranging from broccolis,cauliflowers,cabbages and ginger(to cure the annoying) +meat.

Then green apples again>.<


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