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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Court Day.computing

Woke up and still sore throat..And I hardly breathe.=.=(wth!)well...By the way,I was the only one to wake up in my room.My other 3 roomates were still slepping and the time was 8 sth,after I have taken my bath and yea,they were still sleeping=.=

Yesterday night,bad night,cos,my tummy was aching,so bad..yet I still asked Nan to buy me a packet of PASSEMBUR since she was having dinner at NOrthern Beach with her bf..(The passembur there really tasted nice=.=)but I have no mood to enjoy it,so it was tasteless!but,I still finished it up,cos it's waste to dump it away..Between,Miao Yan called me up..and yea talked foe about 10 minutes..about somebody which we mustn't tell anybody about the convo.:*and mum called up too.I told her about the tummy thingy and she was kind of worried that my cousin sister has told her that maybe there's tumour in my tummy=.= ..lol..wth!Hope no!and she told me to visit the Chinese Physician ,lol..hope to visit it..cos it really sucks,my tummy=.=

First lesson ,Maths C and so it's Mr Yap lectured us..and he has cut his hair,uh..(who cares?he said so before)Everyone dressed up so formally that even Clarence made me have a "ah " feeling,he looked really cool with his so formal outfit..in fact he bought it from G200 yesterday after lesson.So did Weichun and Theng..but Wc lol..looked more^^ (but he blocked me=.-)but when we were about to reach the lift ..Wc was carrying his plastic bag and OMG that moment he looked so much alike JOJO-SINGAPOREAN MOVIE..the dancer,if any of you watched that before you will get what I meant!

This is what I meanT

Court:We were in the Magistrate but not high court ..And we were listening to the sentence but not trial..*sigh*it's ok ..whatsoever,as we were already inside the court.Quiet and still solemn=.= took a few snaps and yea I looked BAD>.<



us before going to the court

us with Mrs Zenubia

Ding his prom outfit tat made him looked great.but what the smile?=.=

Between during computing lesson,We captured again but this time was with U fatt's notebook..It has some special effects..

These are...


under the snow flakes

notice Ufatt and my eyes=.=

our night view^^


3 of us.

4 of us.


Memories on 7 of June.edited by Cherrie.received by Manson.so credits to them!


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