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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogging in my home=)

Now,I am in my very own home blogging..reason cos I have to get my booster dose at the very place where I have it ->From DR TING..Appointment to meet him,the Dr,tomorrow,10 sth a.m,I guessed.I have been told to do so when I was about to have the dose at Adventist and at some clinics=.= Then dad just said why not back together with them to get the dose=.= [whatever,so quickly rushed back to pack while they were "tapau-ing" AYER HITAM'S laksa [yum]


Saw the process while we were about to get in the car..The motorists was so quick-thinking to jump off his motorbike as the Kancil was about to knock him down..yea motorbike was right under the tyre.Notice the black car beside Kancil?yea it was the Proton Wira ..wrecked at the left side door..SO,people,especially PENANGITES,drive safe man ,you can make a difference![Penangites are usually driving in a high speed tho the destinations they are about to heading are just a stone's throw away=.=]

Lunch at one of the restaurant in G-hotel..Dad's suggestion[He saw it in the paper yesterday] cos he was so bored of hawker food,KimGary,etc..3 of us toward the destination.Dad said it was not bad cos he went to this Japanese restaurant[main-ZEN] before while he was in Bangkok[Dad,Bangkok's chefs are different compare to the chefs in Malaysia tho they are under the same company] The lunch site

one of the branch for Gen[not sure,but sounds like Zen,and Gen]-Miraku

(Irrasshaimase All the staffs will greet you once they meet any customer at the entrance and leaving the restaurant with Gozaimasu)

Straight for orders after a glimpse on the menu[wtf ,met a banana ppl: female waitress that annoyed dad,Dad shooted her...(My dad knows English,but doesn't speak like those amo-slang,but no worries cos he speaks Thai very well(everyone will have something they are talented with ,right?) but he just can't stand her cos when dad insisted to have another waitress/waiter to serve him,she quickly spoke in Chinese but previously she said she was not familiar in speaking Chinese.=.=][whatever]

Bro and I ordered the same thingy-UNAJI SET

Japanese eat this before their main course[Dad taught us this and at the same time shooting us,"Both of you are not suitable to go to Japan=.=](Dad,you eat more "salt" compare to us)

Then with this vegeies(carrot,bamboo shoot,pumpkin),tasted so refreshing..

Next,with the followings without..


and then with the rice and Unaji..lastly,before dessert,

Tofu[soft and watery,yum]

Dessert,Japanese honeydew

Between I was using chopsticks[The only utensils beside the small spoon for eating Tofu] to eat my meal,Gosh so torturing but at least I still finished every morsel,cos Japanese rice is sticky when it was being cooked so,Easy..(Between was teased by dad,cos I was holding the chopsticks in a totally wrong way=.=)[whatever]
Here's next,dad's meal(But I tried them out first before he tried=P,likewise they were mine)

First with this[wth]this little amount was placed in a big bowl=.= but still nice,tasted so fresh(Japanese cucumber)

Then with this[Tasted kinda weird,not used to it,still nice]

I don't know what is it called..[it's RAW and I can still feel the small pieces of ice in between the flesh,"yulk",still interesting,"activated" my taste buds=)]

His main course-SABA fish set

*Special thanks to dad for allowing me to taste and capture your meal first tho you felt so annoyed by my diot act::non-stop capturing .=.=*

After our meal,shopped around Gurney as usual.Bought bread,this ,that..Acne thingy for Elspeth then back to hostel to take my stuff and we were heading toward the bridge to "escape" from the island..Before the bridge,ate cendol at Penang Road,but dad again wasn't there to have the cendol tho he ate it before,cos there was massive traffic jam[wtf] so,he waited us in the car*pity*Bro and I ate it in less then 3 minutes cos we didn't want dad to wait for long.

Along the highway,no obstacles and

yea cloudy day(made my day)

Reached home and shouted for M-U-M(was so glad to be in home)as if I have not meet her for ages=.=

Heard a soft tune..searched high and low for it..It's from the new "old man" clock..It's so special cos it was bought from elsewhere ,nope,cos it was being designed by dad,the colour,the tune,everything,so it was the only one in this world.KUDOS,it's nice,man.,especially the tune that produces from it for every hour it strikes..so 24 different tunes to be played~

This is what I meant..

Between ,my chocolate,I haven't eat it for "ages"*Thanks bro for keeping it for me*

Special thanks to the men in my family:

Bro (middle)thanks for helping me to take my stuffs to and from the hostel.

Next,to DAD

Thanks ,dad for fetching me back tho it's quite tiring for you to travel ..(NU LAK PO MAKMAK =*) ps:don't marah ,ok for capturing you without noticing you,cos you won;t let me to do so!

Credits to Bro..So, yours~


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