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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Thursday, June 26, 2008


Today, I have had my very first audition..I didn't plan to take part in it..Cos I don't really think I can sing that well like others..[contestants] I took part when Ufatt was about to take the trolley form the control room,I was like I want to follow so just followed him,Clarence too joined us..Then we were like,lets go find Manson and send our supports to him..Then I was being persuaded by Cherrie and her friends to take part..So yea signed up and I was the 11th contestant by paying a RM5 on signing up the KDU AUDITION.

Number of the day-11

For your info,This was my first time taking part in an audition..To some other people,they might think off,it's just audition,so what?=.=Somehow,I felt nervous..and I have smsed my darling to inform about it..She gave her my support and asked me not to feel any nervous.Thanks ,pal.By the way,thanks to Manson ,Cherrie and Ufatt for the support.
[between,Manson was the one suggested to phone Cheerie saying that I need their support deadly.=.=] Between I took part the audition during Academic English lesson.I SKIPPED CLASS! I knew what you are thinking"Bad brat,wasting the parents money.." But,Miss Alison wasn't teaching instead they were watching ROMEO &JULIET!so no worries.. Goodness..Romeo and Juliet..so romantic tho is quite an old movie to be watched.However,they were watching the movie which was starring by
Leonardo Dicaprio
.. [Handsome]

"Oh ,Juliet!"

From Juliet,

"What satisfaction do thou need tonight?"
"I hate the word as I hate HELL as all the montague and thee."

From Romeo,

"Did my heart love till now:forswear it sight,for I never saw true beauty till this night."
"Rose smells as sweet as any other name."



[I sang Before I fall in Love-Coco Lee] Yea..comments on my singing from the 2judges are.." First,your voice are good and but you seemed to be warmed up a little slower.Previously, you were like "reading" the lyrics out[means not into the song] So,you seemed to be nervous.But ,you denied about it.Maybe the opening was too slow that you can't got yourself into it. Then,before your song came to the end,I got touch by your singing.I give you a chance to singfor yourself again.[Cinderella by Tata Young]Oh,pretty well...We will inform you about the results.Just wait patiently." [I knew I won't be select,just sign up for fun=) ]

Ufatt was about to show us sth..some talent*grins*[while lunch hour]

After the movie was being watched during Academic English,Ms Alison suggested us to play a game..All of us agreed and went to the corridor for the game.The game was Crawling.The prize is you can point on anyone to obey your instructions.The winners were Clarence and Ufatt.So,Ufatt came with this idea.Weichun and Manson hugged each other for 10 seconds!

Wei Chun was hugging Manson and was about to kiss him=.=

My dinner~

[from now onward,I will cook my meal with margarine cos It's going to be expired on 22 August] (dumby me,for not noticing the expiry date whilst buying )

My very last KiwI[Thanks mum,and I have eaten all of them up already,so no more kiwis]

Between as I promised..My darling and sayang came over my house after school on the past Sunday..here they are..

Sayang and I[gosh,she is kind of fair,me ,dark=.=]

Darling and I *grins*

Brother Leon and I(xoxo) [what the face]=.=


Monday, June 23, 2008

Last day for her in Pg,Kdu hostel

Today,I was being informed that she will be leaving Penang and back to her very own home-SARAWAK[I always mistaken that she was from Sabah=.=] She's my roomate,Siew Ling.[a common name but not a common person,I meant she's special in all sort of way,especially the opinions that she has been giving me]

Tho sometimes,when she told me not to do this and that,and I just didn't give a damn about and felt somehow have the hatred feeling on her,but she's really a GOOD ,NICE,CARING,etc..
From the very first day I met her,I felt that she's not a nice and somehow arrogant short girl[she's shorter than me=.=]but,until I really moved in the hostel,she taught me to do this ,do that,place my stuff at her cupboard..Taught me everything as a new tenant..
When I cried cos I thought of my mum at the very first month I came to Penang,she knew it and consoled me..(thanks ,girl) She is like an elder sister to me(how I wish to have one)

Thanks girl,I promise I will miss you much..
Between,we have captured ourselves up as a memory for living together under the same roof for 3 months..*sobs*I don't think I will be that lucky to meet this kind of room mate..
Thanks to Buddha..The first time I left my home and I have met with this kind girl

Before that,food always comes first*grins*

Yesterday,these were what my tummy had ..[I am a N.O.O.B in photographing=.=]

from mum

From mum ..my favorite..soup..

This was what I ate with my room mate,Siew Ling.Glad that you said it's nice..I really will think of you,especially when I saw the bed you have slept for 2 years=.=

Bread~ate this after my meal.Credits to Kae,Thai house mate.


Will post up sooner about my darling and sayang came to visit me after school on Sunday,dated 23 of June,the day I have my booster dose.But,not so soon=.=

*I typed this post whilst crying*sob,she's gonna back tomorrow*Just ignore the mistakes that I have done.


Saturday, June 21, 2008

Blogging in my home=)

Now,I am in my very own home blogging..reason cos I have to get my booster dose at the very place where I have it ->From DR TING..Appointment to meet him,the Dr,tomorrow,10 sth a.m,I guessed.I have been told to do so when I was about to have the dose at Adventist and at some clinics=.= Then dad just said why not back together with them to get the dose=.= [whatever,so quickly rushed back to pack while they were "tapau-ing" AYER HITAM'S laksa [yum]


Saw the process while we were about to get in the car..The motorists was so quick-thinking to jump off his motorbike as the Kancil was about to knock him down..yea motorbike was right under the tyre.Notice the black car beside Kancil?yea it was the Proton Wira ..wrecked at the left side door..SO,people,especially PENANGITES,drive safe man ,you can make a difference![Penangites are usually driving in a high speed tho the destinations they are about to heading are just a stone's throw away=.=]

Lunch at one of the restaurant in G-hotel..Dad's suggestion[He saw it in the paper yesterday] cos he was so bored of hawker food,KimGary,etc..3 of us toward the destination.Dad said it was not bad cos he went to this Japanese restaurant[main-ZEN] before while he was in Bangkok[Dad,Bangkok's chefs are different compare to the chefs in Malaysia tho they are under the same company] The lunch site

one of the branch for Gen[not sure,but sounds like Zen,and Gen]-Miraku

(Irrasshaimase All the staffs will greet you once they meet any customer at the entrance and leaving the restaurant with Gozaimasu)

Straight for orders after a glimpse on the menu[wtf ,met a banana ppl: female waitress that annoyed dad,Dad shooted her...(My dad knows English,but doesn't speak like those amo-slang,but no worries cos he speaks Thai very well(everyone will have something they are talented with ,right?) but he just can't stand her cos when dad insisted to have another waitress/waiter to serve him,she quickly spoke in Chinese but previously she said she was not familiar in speaking Chinese.=.=][whatever]

Bro and I ordered the same thingy-UNAJI SET

Japanese eat this before their main course[Dad taught us this and at the same time shooting us,"Both of you are not suitable to go to Japan=.=](Dad,you eat more "salt" compare to us)

Then with this vegeies(carrot,bamboo shoot,pumpkin),tasted so refreshing..

Next,with the followings without..


and then with the rice and Unaji..lastly,before dessert,

Tofu[soft and watery,yum]

Dessert,Japanese honeydew

Between I was using chopsticks[The only utensils beside the small spoon for eating Tofu] to eat my meal,Gosh so torturing but at least I still finished every morsel,cos Japanese rice is sticky when it was being cooked so,Easy..(Between was teased by dad,cos I was holding the chopsticks in a totally wrong way=.=)[whatever]
Here's next,dad's meal(But I tried them out first before he tried=P,likewise they were mine)

First with this[wth]this little amount was placed in a big bowl=.= but still nice,tasted so fresh(Japanese cucumber)

Then with this[Tasted kinda weird,not used to it,still nice]

I don't know what is it called..[it's RAW and I can still feel the small pieces of ice in between the flesh,"yulk",still interesting,"activated" my taste buds=)]

His main course-SABA fish set

*Special thanks to dad for allowing me to taste and capture your meal first tho you felt so annoyed by my diot act::non-stop capturing .=.=*

After our meal,shopped around Gurney as usual.Bought bread,this ,that..Acne thingy for Elspeth then back to hostel to take my stuff and we were heading toward the bridge to "escape" from the island..Before the bridge,ate cendol at Penang Road,but dad again wasn't there to have the cendol tho he ate it before,cos there was massive traffic jam[wtf] so,he waited us in the car*pity*Bro and I ate it in less then 3 minutes cos we didn't want dad to wait for long.

Along the highway,no obstacles and

yea cloudy day(made my day)

Reached home and shouted for M-U-M(was so glad to be in home)as if I have not meet her for ages=.=

Heard a soft tune..searched high and low for it..It's from the new "old man" clock..It's so special cos it was bought from elsewhere ,nope,cos it was being designed by dad,the colour,the tune,everything,so it was the only one in this world.KUDOS,it's nice,man.,especially the tune that produces from it for every hour it strikes..so 24 different tunes to be played~

This is what I meant..

Between ,my chocolate,I haven't eat it for "ages"*Thanks bro for keeping it for me*

Special thanks to the men in my family:

Bro (middle)thanks for helping me to take my stuffs to and from the hostel.

Next,to DAD

Thanks ,dad for fetching me back tho it's quite tiring for you to travel ..(NU LAK PO MAKMAK =*) ps:don't marah ,ok for capturing you without noticing you,cos you won;t let me to do so!

Credits to Bro..So, yours~


Friday, June 20, 2008

Nothing special but somehw intersting*grins*

Hi,peps..something interesting to be shared off..

Before that my food..comes first.

YUmmy~Bravo,Samantha SIK

Han-gul noodles..seafood flavour~hmmm..

This was what I have invented.corn,fish ,butter,carrots,raw cucumber& tomatoes+main ingredient,RICE=healthy stuff to munch=>Samantha's tummy

Butter+carrot+chye sim+sweet corn+cauliflowers+broccolis+chicken+fish&RICE=YUM

Here's the interesting ...

Yea..thong for glory..don't be jealous if you are not as brave or as sexy as HIM=p.Received this from cherrie.

However,this somehow reminded me about JOHN TUCKER MUST DIE.yea ,nice movie,so what ya think?Joe@DOTA GOD@MY GOD,dare to wear thong when playing futsal?I bet you won't!BUt I would like to have a look and I am sure everyone who knows you would like to see it..Just for amusement*grins*Again,away from the devil .She will ruin your life, man!*

That's all..cos..hostel's line is "sucking" now..=.=

Between,while in the lift this morning,saw a damn tall Indian guy..the height was somehow Yao Ming's height,yea the tallest basket baller who was "made" in China.I looked "up" on him,and he looked "down" on me.Gosh,I was like so minute.He was like the HULK=P[However,he's quite skinny].so quite funny and he laughed off with his friends after looking at me=.=

*Ignore the lame if you feel so!*


Thursday, June 19, 2008


Today,what a heart-break cos I was being informed by Elspeth that omma was sick..And she insisted that I was the one transferring the disease =.= Arachi..Mianneyo,Omuni..Between NU LAK MAE MAK MAK[asked dad to translate it to you,you too,nu lak po mak mak]
So,tomorrow, without the presence of omma*sob*but appa,oppa and tongsei will be coming.Appa will bring me for injection[cos I am afraid that no one will be able to fetch me to get my second booster dose] Kamsahaminda ,Oppa!muakssssssssssss..[without ending]

Between,Kae,Thai house mate was so mad with her Russian room mate,Miss G[cos her name was started with the letter "G"]She was just being too much,ie the wolf in the sheep clothes,indeed! She is so dirty,and always taking advantages on Kae..bla bla bla[worst off,she watched the Russia movie with a loud volume,so disturbing and even watched it till the next morning;non-stop form 5p.m to 7 a.m for everyday]swt=.= pity ,Kae..

*Yea,don't judge a book by it's appearance.especially those with the sheeps' clothes on them!They can just simply ruin your LIFE.Believe me and I am sure you guys have met it,and yea I am admitting that I have met with the "wolf"..really a slutty B-E-E-Y-A-T-C-H*
Whatever,who cares!As long as I was not being played,being the piece to be placed anywhere the Beeyatch wants on the board game!

*To,Joe, time to wake up,your friends even know well "Y" ,but still ,you are blinded by LOVE!=.= swt*

By the way,I found something INTERESTING to be shared off=] while I was cooking my meal..


I know what you think,"Just an ordinary tomato paste in a can!"

This is what my purpose of uploading it.Spot the white fury microorganism around the can?

ok,take a deeper look..yea..fungi..around it and growing inside the paste!She still used it to made her pasta sauce=.=

Last shot...*gross?*

Between,I have understand something..about abortion so much and realized something[Topic that have been discussed during Academic English]and I have just finished online chatting with Mum,she told me the girl@Elpseth ex-classmate which I had knocked down on her mother's car last year,was announced pregnant=.=and gave birth=.=swt..[No comments,All I thought was the girl's loss will definitely higher than the one that made her pregnant,and the the family of the one that made her pregnant have made a NOOB statement


This is how cruel the reality is to be! SO,girls think before you do something,it's too late to regret when it comes to the END.Your life will be completely done with a FULL-STOP. Just a DOT and that's it= DONE![me either have to bear that in MIND=.=]

The foods..

*Between,damn line ..so yea my other stuff will be posted some other time.

To sayang,babe and of course dear,muaksss..Dear,today you have made my day..


Wednesday, June 18, 2008

N.O.O.B day

Today was the most embarrass thingy I have done..in My 18 year-old life..SO noob!Promise no more NOOB things to be happened again in the future!

Before that,Swen online chatting with me..WEI CHUN added her,Me,instead was being blocked..[Wth,I'm ok peps..nothing,no heartbreak,ok?!=.=]

Lunch at the cafeteria ..Food[no comments]
Well,suddenly a teen dressed up into secondary school student came over our table..asking us to join for the game..How noob was I to ask

"got prizes?"

She quickly replied and came over my seat,

"Yea..We have free movie tickets to be given away,please join us..Please!It's just a game."

Firstly I asked her cos I was thinking that the prizes maybe free food ticket,anything that is related to food,cos that moment I was eating the sucky bitter gourd,it was not cooked at all,yea still RAW!
Then both hands got contact and yea that means I have agreed to play the game..OMG. How blushing was I ..?I could feel the temperature on my face,as if my face was made of warm water,so much warm=.=..,just imagined you were put into the situation.=.='' All eyes on you especially during lunch break..Crowds in the cafeteria.I asked whether can I quit?She said nope,and please..Cos we have made the promise..so no choice..=.=

*Even Kae,my Thai roomate,said..kind of embarrassed stuff to be done..But,still she gave me applause as I am the most brave of all in our house.=.=.Kopkun ka,babe!

The game was like 2 groups competing whatever they have in their body..Put whatever thing on the floor and they will measure whose stuffs that join up together[no gaps]and be the longest among the groups.Then,the movie tickets will be given to the winners..However,my group lost and yea won the consolation prize -2 FABER CASTELL HIGHLIGHTERS.

my prize=.=still useful.

Well,on receiving it..when the crowds found out that the highlighter as prize so,they "boo" at it..Guess what I said?They were "NOOBs" as they said highlighters are useless,cheap little things...I will be infamous then from now onwards=.= BLESs me ,peps!I don't want to be famous infamous or famous=.=

Got to go,peps Computing lesson..
Before I leave ,yea KUNG FU ,panda.Po's quite funny or damn funny for those have watched it!

Yee ha~

O ya,credits to MANSON..He sent me these.>>

Nasty?uh..This was when he was a model.But what the facial expression?

This one look more NAIVE ,somehow looked like when he was acting in the GREEN FOREST.

Enjoy ,peps*grins*


Monday, June 16, 2008

Unexpected visitors-Beloved Pop&Mum

To my blog, sorry for abandoned you for a few days..The a**hole hostel's line again got problem and yea wait till today finally can online as the technician just repaired it..

Firstly start off as what the title shown.Yea,Pop and Mum came to Pg just to meet up their beloved daughter,SAMANTHA SIK WAN ZHEN:) Dad usually comes to Penang on Sunday whenever Mum"ordered" him to do so..But usually without the presence of mum=( cos she has to fetch sis and bro to school and as well tuition,And she is damn busy -as a devoted WIFE and MUM..

Today Manson fetched me to college as usual and lessons,Ms Jessie and Miss Lee: ACC & ECO.

Lunch hour,Cherrie suggested that we go to the Penang road to eat The best cendol and laksa(Ayer hitam's laksa is better; to me) And all of us-the whole class-10 of us went there.Cherrie's bunnie fetched Me,Manson and Ufatt by driving Cherrie
's car-VIOS. Then 3 continuous calls from the Pre-U departmant ranging from Kak Ros,Miss Lee and Mr Low called Manson.All of them were toward the same purpose-Miss Alison was sick,so the Academic English lesson was canceled.[meaning,free time..can prolong our lunch period]So all of us went to ONE-STOP[an old mart] to shop for discs[Manson's purpose on going to One-stop]

What a smile?!!Captured by Manson while eating cendol and laksa[credits to him=.=]

Then ,mum phoned me up,

"Samantha,where are you?We are coming now.Maybe will meet up at 4p.m."
"OK.We'll meet at hostel,..."

I was so excited and nervous cos
1)excited that mum's coming
2)nervous cos what if they found out that I am in ONe-STOP but not in my class=.=

Well,didn't give much damn about it cos I thought that I will be able to reach the hostel just in time.

Then,all of them loitered around while waiting for Manson ..As for me,sitting on a chair,sat back and watched the displayed movie."The cronicles of.." Forgotten alr..All I remember was that "The Charlie and the chocolate factory"-the little boy was part of the movie..so chubby,I love his eyes much...By the way,still enjoy the movie tho I just watched the ending part.and when Ding came over ,he waved his hand in front of me.I didn't give a damn on it,was so concentrated on it.Cherrie's Bunnie too,I realized it after a period he has waved his hand.=.=

Then Cherrie and others suggested that we went up to the sixth floor for bowling ..But when we got up.some not in the mood of bowl-ing then Manson said to me,"lets go for singing."
Phone call- from Mum,
"We are reaching your hostel now..You can.."
"Mum,actually the class was canceled.so we are in ONE-STOP,opposite the Adventist Hosp."

They came to one-stop within 5 minutes
*So,no more singing as they are coming..Between,enjoyed singing MY HEART WILL GO ON with Cherrie.

Before that I was trying to lie at her,but thinking that it's sort of disrespect and useless to lie at my beloved mum ,so just tell her the truth.Dad was like,ah,enjoying yourself..=.=But he said nothing when I said I do singing up there.*wheW* -relieved.Then ,yea 3 of us went to Gurney Plaza,eating again,and again KIM Gary,ate stone rice +warm GINGER COKE while dad ate sth like pork,vege,chicken thingy without the rice.mum..just ate a little.Dad told mum,"you are actually having beef in your mouth!" I was like so[cos I knew he lied]Mum was like going crazy[She prays Kuan yin so no beef,pls.But dad prays Buddha.Me,both]Then I showed mum the resit-PORK=.=Dad,that's L-A-ME.But he was like feeling so successful on the prank.

Between my dinner..from beloved MUM(muakss)=]

MUM's effort=SAMANTHA'S happiness

Between,the reason they came was to inform me that They are again going to Taiwan on 25 of JUNE=,= OMg, they went there in January and again in June.Reasons,cos dad said he didn't actually go around the night market or other area so yea will shop with mum again and go around whatever places they have regretted for not visiting it..as well as he can enjoy the honeymoon feeling just with mum,without the presence of Leon(the bulb for the couple). Anyway,remember to buy stuffs:lots of eatable stuffs(likewise the amounts you have bought from Japan) and anything as souveniers,sayangs=*

Here's the stuffs I have for dinner few days ago..

Tropical fruits to the Thai and known as KRA TON,they said it as SANTOL in English but could find in the Dictionary.Credits to Kae who peeled it off the skin for me.KOPKUNKA=)

The inner part and the sauce which tasted so well with it..Main ingredients for the sauce is dried salted prawn and black sugar.[tasted sour and a little bitter because of the latex.]

Elspeth's favourite.*grins*

Ps:My apologies to someone that I have hurt the feelings during lunch.I didn't mean to do so intently.I did talk shit to you[I didn't feel so]at least you thought so.But it hurts when you shoot it back.Didn't really remember it ,at least.. a history IN MY 18 year-old life.[at least made me realize of my dumby,diot mistakes]
[I know you will said you either=.=]



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