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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Saturday, May 31, 2008

unexpected call.hungry=.=.they are coming back

Felt hungry now tho I just have my dinner.*diot stomach*..so simply grab some snacks from the cupboard and a box of milk to munch and drink,to fulfill my hungriness;]

I was halfway munching when an unknown no. again calling me..It's WanLing,NG WAN LING not SIK WAN LING,called me@.@kind of surprise..apparently she will be enrolled into Kdu Pg in July as she has received FULL-scholarship to study hotel management course...*applause and congratulations:]We didn't hook up since December..*whew,long period* I think not much changes on us,still short[me:( ],WanLing,I think will grow taller..She said that she will meet me when she does her registrations sooner..Np..just meet me up whenever you want,but see whether I have the time meaning I have no class or sorts of....congrats once again..

POP,MUM&LEON're coming back from Japan,a week..already,time passes so much faster than I have thought of=.= meaning I have to get my lazy ass back to Kdu,back to ROOM 512=.= but still glad that can meet my classmates..but I just don't want to leave my home,pies&family whenever I heard "robbery again.." I have to pray hard..I really afraid of leaving the world without fulfilling my dreams,without doing all sorts of things that humans should do throughout their lives.haiZ,guys just bless me =.=

Feeling down now..gtg too..to put my pies into their cages,,it's time for them to sleep..

o ya..between...Dennis sent me these,,much better than the one captured by my phone..

He rocks><>< he's tall.she's short.he looked thin.she looked a little fat><


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