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♥SH: E,H,♥M♥,J,A

Monday, May 26, 2008

Bon voyage~POP,MUm&Leon*MY PIES*

Just now 4 sth p.m,pop,mum and Leon went off in a van towards to the Penang Airport for their flight to Singapore Airport,then they will transit to JAPAN,TOKYO..*REmemBER to buy presents for your DAUGHTER@sister lol=)*

Before pop went into the van,he gave me A BLACK LONG THING[looks like a pen],here's a short convo between us

"Try yourself out with it,don't get yourself hurt..and don't ever try it on it on my
LECKY"(our big,good dog).

"I won't !><.you thought that I am a heartless girl.don't be so sampat!
"what sampat?I am your dad.no
PRESENTS for you!!=.="
"=O Just jok-ing,lol.sorry,I am the sampat,ok?"
"Yes,you are.INDEED(smiled)! take care of everything,just a weeks times,then we'll back..don't go out late at night....

things to be tried out->electric self-defense(not a pen or whatever things you have thought off=.='')

SO, I am kind of the "HEAD" of the family now XD !(Elspeth,you better be good if not pop&mum will not buy any present for you if they receive any complaints from me.wakaka)
O ya..I have promised to explain what did I mean about "my pies"..

They are not any eatable pies,

They are not H-U-M-A-N,
They are not PLANTS
They are not lifeless
they are HAIRY,
They have tails,
They have the abilities to make SAMANTHA SIK laughs,
They are Eben(male) & Gwen(female)

MY precious little DOGS=)

Eben and Gwen are made in Bangkok,Thailand.They are mixed breed
of the Papillion and Shih-Tzu,but they look more alike to their mums which is the SHIH-tzu breed.So,they are so fury,hairy,just nice,like CARPETS,you can just simply step on them to clean your feets(jk,whoever do so,I'll kick their a** OFF)
They are so like hyper-excited for almost everyday,very energetic,love to jump,love bark(the only thing that annoys me-when it usually happens in the wee hours,6.30a.m><),eat alot,love fish oil very*1000.. times much!

Before I went to kdu,They looked so...

Gwen& Eben(lovely couple)

then,after one and half month..they looks like this>


The differences seemed to be not so obvious through pictures..But they are really different from previously when they were still 4-6months ..

Goodness..so late alr..and I am still blogging..Mum's going to
kill me if she knows..
aight,Night,peps !and I will post sth related to S-W-I-T-C-H-E-D(touching.best.great SINGAPORE'S drama I have ever watched)

THanks to MANSON LOH for introducing it and lending me the disc..Sis and I cried "buckets"..We started watching it from 11p.m till 2.30a.m~And we have watched till episode7=)will continue tomorrow~ zzzzzzzzzzZZZZZZ


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